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To reduce stable maintenance and cut bedding costs...

"Soft Stall" Mats
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Turn your stable into a clean and fresh showplace
Easily installed over concrete, natural soil, asphalt, clay, wood and virtually every surface, Linear Rubber Soft Stall mats level the surface and provide insulating qualities. There is no filling holes … or adding dirt, screenings and other costly fillings.

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Eliminate the cost and fuss of bedding
Reduce the cost of shavings, straw or sawdust by up to 75%. The savings in bedding materials, and the cost of their disposal, typically offset the cost of mats in 2 years or less. Bedding won’t stick to the top side and dust problems are eliminated.

Provide a safe, healthy environment
Designed with non-slip surfaces, Soft Stall Mats provide a natural, solid and secure footing to reduce leg, knee and hoof fatigue. Scuffed hocks and hoof abrasions are virtually eliminated. By reducing dust and ammonia, you prevent respiratory problems.

Easy to maintain
Cleaning is as easy as mopping with a mild detergent and water, or other disinfectants. (If using lime, use in moderation and mix with a small amount of bedding to avoid a pasty and slick surface when wet.) It is not necessary to remove mats when stripping or disinfecting.

All Linear Mats are genuine rubber
Genuine rubber is non-porous and won’t absorb moisture, urine, cleaning solutions or disinfectants. Mats will not peel, crack or crumble under extreme heat or cold … and will not curl. Other mats in the marketplace are often fabricated from rubber dust or crumb rubber which is held together with clay, glue and other fillers. Unlike genuine rubber, they have the potential to break down, chemically erode and become absorbent with use.

Choose the Linear Rubber Mat best for your stalls, alleyways, grooming areas, wash racks and trailers:

  • “Soft Stall” Mats
  • Alleyway Mats
  • Econo-Mats
  • SoftStall50 Mats
  • Ring Mats
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"Soft Stall" Mats


Our pride and joy – the largest mats, of their type, in the industry. As such, typical installations only require 2 pieces for most stalls to simplify installation and minimize seams.

Standard Sizes include:      Stall Mat  
  • 10 x 10
  • 10 x 12
  • 12 x 12
  • 12 x 14
  • 12 x 16

    And there’s no additional charge for custom trimming. Custom sizes are also available.
Once installed, these 5/8” thick (approximate) mats stay in place, and will not shift, even under the heaviest of traffic. The Sure-Traction grid surface on these nylon-reinforced rubber mats provide excellent protection.  

Alleyway Mats


Essentially the same fabrication as our Soft Stall Mats, precut in modules. For example, when using 12’ x 6’ modules, a 12’ x 48’ area can be covered using only 8 pieces and a 12’ x 60’ area uses only 10 pieces. Optional interlocking tabs on ends, sides or the entire perimeter are available for more stable, permanent installations.


Econo Mats


Slightly thinner and lighter mats, perfect for installations where a tight budget or a specific application is a consideration.
Econo-Mats are

  • 48" x 72"
with a raised nub underside that “works” into the surface (natural soil, asphalt, compacted material such as limestone screening or crushed stone, clay, or wood) to secure the mat and prevent shifting or sliding. Econo-Mats, properly trimmed and abutted, also work on concrete.  

SoftStall50 Mats

Runners that are                            
  • 6’ Wide x up to 100’ Long

for use in alleyways and, when trimmed into smaller pieces, stalls (typically only requiring 2 pieces). For extra long installations, optional interlocking tabs are available.interlocking feature

The grooved underside “works into” the surface to secure the mat, preventing shifting or sliding.

SoftStall50 Mats are 1/2” thick and are fabricated of genuine nylon-reinforced rubber with a fiber inlay for added strength and durability.


Ring Mats

ring mat

Can be used in wash racks, breeding areas, and applications where drainage of liquids and solid debris is a consideration, and for wet areas where traction is a must. These

  • 48” x 72” x 5/8” thick
mats are perforated with 1” holes and have nubs on the underside, raising them to promote faster drainage and allowing air to circulate freely to evaporate moisture. Ring Mats are best installed over a hard, level surface such as concrete or asphalt.  
Pick the mat best for your installation area:
Please note: All thicknesses are approximate.
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